Energy Industry Solutions

Downtime. It’s the last word you can afford to hear when you work in the energy industry. No company understands that better than USA FUTE.

Trusted partner
Power plant operators, equipment manufacturers and consulting engineers trust FUTE for their power transmission needs, from gathering to power generation. Fute can recommend proven solutions designed to keep your operation producing, whether you’re in the natural gas, petroleum, oil sands or power plant industries.

Reliable products
Engineered to withstand challenging environments, FUTE products are used on blowers, bulk material handling equipment, cooling towers, compressors, fans, pumps, and more.

Industry Sectors


Oil & Gas

Fute offers products for rotating equipment used in the natural gas and petroleum industries.

Wind Power

Wind Power

Through its CENTA and Tollok brands, Fute offers brands and products built to last the high vibration environment of wind power generation.


Power Generation

From bulk material and fluid handling to cooling towers, customers choose Fute.

Refinery and Petrochemical

Refinery and Petrochemical

Fute  is a trusted partner for your refinery and petrochemical facility.



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