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Advanced Load Fatigue & Durability Testing

Advanced Load Fatigue & Durability Testing

Request InformationFatigue is involved in up to 70% of all product failures. Our fatigue testing, durability testing and load testing modes include axial, torsion, bending, radial, oscillatory, or full rotation. We specialize in modifying standard test specifications to simulate actual component use.

  • 4-square chain wear testing
  • Gear tooth fatigue test
  • Aircraft flight spectrum simulation test (load motion)
  • Reverse torsion test
  • 4-square coupling test
  • High speed dynamometer test
  • High speed spin test for axial reaction forces/deflections
  • Plain, spherical and rolling element bearing endurance test
  • Standard chain qualification, conformance testing, and finite life test (ANSI/ASME B29)


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